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What You Should Consider About Lighting and Landscape Design

Mar 12, 2014 — by | Comments (0)
Tags: Landscaping Hardscaping

Many people do not consider how important lighting design is when it comes to landscape and hardscape matters. Let's take a moment right now to consider this issue.

Driveways and Paths in Landscape Design

Feb 8, 2014 — by | Comments (0)
Tags: Landscaping Hardscaping

Paths and driveways are more than just functional. They can be a great way of enhancing the overall beauty of your home. Read on to learn more.

Landscape Edging

Jan 9, 2014 — by | Comments (0)
Tags: Edging Landscape

Landscape edging is a fundamental part of the most elegant designs, using hardscape elements to provide definition, balance, and harmony to the interlacing components of a yard or garden.

Native Plants

Dec 9, 2013 — by | Comments (0)
Tags: Native Plants Landscape Design

When it comes to landscape design, Rick Silkey knows how to bring outdoor spaces to life using Arizona native plants.

Desert Landscaping - Ideas and Benefits

Nov 5, 2013 — by | Comments (0)
Tags: Desert Landscaping Hardscaping

Landscape design artist Rick Silkey discusses how artificial grass and native vegetation can create a desert landscaping plan that is water-conservative.

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Landscaping in Arizona

Oct 9, 2013 — by | Comments (0)
Tags: Landscaping Patio Design

While most people turn to hardscape, pavers, and other dryscaping or xeriscaping options in Arizona, artificial grass can give your backyard the color and coziness you've been looking for.

Concrete, Flagstone, and Pavers for Your Patio

Sep 8, 2013 — by | Comments (0)
Tags: Landscape Hardscape Patios

There are many different ways that you can design the hard surfaces of your patio and backyard. Let's look at the differences between flagstone, pavers, and concrete as options.

Pergolas, Canopies, and Shade Structures for Your Backyard

Aug 10, 2013 — by | Comments (0)
Tags: Landscape Design Hardscape Design

It's always great to have a little bit of shade to shield you from the harshness of the sun. There are a number of ways that we can help you create an excellent shade structure that enhances your patio.

Designing Outdoor Firepits

Jul 8, 2013 — by | Comments (0)
Tags: Landscaping Hardscaping

Sometimes it's nice to sit back in the evenings and unwind by a fire. That's why outdoor firepits are so popular with many people. By turning to landscaping and hardscaping experts, you can get a great firepit added to your patio/backyard.

Designing Outdoor Barbeques

Outdoor barbeques are great if you want to entertain guests outdoors. They may or may not be right for your backyard. Let's consider why you may want to have one created and what you should keep in mind.