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Landscape design artist Rick Silkey is an expert not only in the artful arrangement of hardscape and softscape elements of an outdoor living space but also in the science of landscaping. He understands the native vegetation and soils of the desert region on an intimate level. It is this thorough understanding of Arizona native plants that allows him to take full advantage of the natural beauty of the region in providing homeowners with yards and gardens that perfectly complement their lifestyles and their properties.

Arizona native plants provide excellent touches to low-maintenance, water conserving landscapes that thrive year-round.

The Advantage of Using Arizona Native Plants

There are many good reasons to “think native” in terms of your landscaping needs. Native plants:

  • Require little water and maintenance, as they are naturally designed to survive and thrive in the desert climate
  • Do not risk harming the native environment as exotic species of plants often do
  • Reflect the natural beauty of the region
  • Will not negatively affect our native birds, butterflies, bees, and other animals
  • Allow you to have a stunningly beautiful, yet remarkably cost-effective outdoor living space

Ultimately, Arizona is the place that you have chosen to call home. Why wouldn’t you want your yard or garden to complement and encapsulate the native beauty of the region?

Why It’s Important to Hire a Native Plant Expert

Landscaping isn’t a simple matter of arranging native plants into a pleasing design. Not all native plants will grow in all native soils. Just because a plant thrives in one part of Arizona doesn’t mean it will thrive in your yard or garden. Rick Silkey takes into consideration soil type, the sun and shade requirements of certain plants, pH, and how much water certain plants require before planting. The right combination of native plants, possibly augmented by artificial grass or hardscape accents, can make all the difference in how you perceive your outdoor space and your level of satisfaction with your landscape. The wrong combination, on the other hand, may look all right for a little while, but will end up costing you time and money.

Common Native Plants Used in Landscaping

The possibilities are nearly endless in terms of color, shape, and water- and sun-dependency when it comes to native plants used in landscaping. Common Arizona native plants used in landscaping include:

  • Trees such as White Fir, Rocky Mountain Juniper, Ponderosa Pine, and Gambel Oak
  • Shrubs such as Utah Serviceberry, Rabbitbrush, Mountain Spray, Orange Mountain Gooseberry, Elderberry, and Wild Rose
  • Perennials such as Paintbrush, Western Wallflower, Purple Geranium, Red-root Buckwheat, Pussytoes, Coral Bells, Pearl Seed, Coyote Mint, Goldenrod, Mountain Parsley, and Canada Violet
  • Grasses and sedges such as Big Bluestem, Buffalo Grass, Mutton Grass, Indian Grass, Arizona Fescue, and Sleepy Grass

Ultimately, the appearance of your yard or garden is not limited by using Arizona native plants. It’s empowered.

Arizona Native Plants

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